Comment 4

Overall: 6
Theme: 8
Graphics: 7

I rated this the same to preserve fa2f's rating, and because I do not think it is appropriate for me to rate my own entry otherwise, but just wanted to reply to his review. I agree the graphical presentation is the best part of this, as I frankly ran out of time and motivation to fully form up the gameplay to where it should be. I will consider at least adding a movement queue in later versions, though the intention is for each player to go through their turns rapidly, and single player will probably be better when I can add a computer opponent. I will also consider allowing a single popup that can be brought up to show the different keys on one screen. I intended to make the hunting and the pit mining more involved as well. I should also look into maybe making the selector actually use ncurses' native cursor functions and see if that can help tighten the interface any. I have not tested it on real hardware yet, but a fun fact is this game is designed to be fully playable through a DEC VT131 terminal, with this emulated for me using the "| pv -qL 480" command. That is part of the reason I settled on turn based, as it can not handle real time games very well. Thanks for the feedback!

For game: ASCIIlization
Created by: Techpeasant