Comment 6

Overall: 9
Theme: 9
Graphics: 9

Besides the bugs that I encountered, which jadedctrl fixed very promptly, this was a fun and polished game |ñ_ñ|
I can tell lots of love has gone into it and it shows in the care put into the graphics, dialogue and story. `o`
The way to draw the characters with tiny faces is cute and conveys emotion well. |*0*|
Some instructions for the controls are needed, especially for the inventory (speaking of which there's a bug which doesn't let you go right until you "lose the item"). ¬_¬
After exploring I thought the goals were clear enough, the only roadblock was that some of the objectives hadn't been implemented yet. |T_T|
I hope the mental state of the characters ridden by depression and insecurities doesn't reflect the one by the developer |;_;|
All an all I think this is a good game and I hope that jadedctrl finishes it, good job! |~.~|

For game: Flora Search Aurora
Created by: Rampoina