Comment 7

Overall: 7
Theme: 7
Graphics: 7

I like the idea of the game but it needs a few UX improvements. The way to select the buildings and units is very slow, same for the movement of the units itself, this unfortunately makes each turn very slow. I would add the following:

  1. Unit orders. You should be able to order a unit to a resource and the unit moves by itself in the following turns until it reaches the objective or you cancel the order. I understand this implies writing a pathfinding algorithm and it takes time (so it's understandable it wasn't done for the jam if the developer was low on time) but a generic one like A* would do just fine.

  2. Cyclic selection. Instead of selecting the units/buildings by hand with the cursor I would add a cyclic selection feature to the game, where you can cycle units and buildings one by one in the order they appear in the screen (even the order in memory would be fine), this would greatly speed up the selection process.

The graphics are minimalistic but in my opinion not particularly clear. I encountered a bug which confused me a lot which rendered the berries invisible, the units kept complaining that they had no tools to gather berries when I couldn't see any berries at all.

The way to display help with each key is original and I understood how to play it fairly quickly. Well done!

I encourage Piga to polish this game, I think it's promising.

For game: ASCIIlization
Created by: Rampoina