LibreJam 202306

Open for submissions: 25.5. - 15.7.2023 Ratings until: 28.7.2023

This jam has some special rules (and a different time frame than usual). Instead of having a set theme and giving you free reign to use whatever tools you want, the roles are reversed: Your game can have any theme, but it must fit the following criteria:

  • Runs in a terminal
  • Only ASCII characters
  • No more than 72 columns and 20 rows
  • No colours or text formatting
  • Source code smaller than 1MiB

Apart from these limitations, you have complete free reign to create whatever your heart desires. Since this jam is much longer than usual, try to aim for a longer and more complete game; 30 minutes of play time is a good target to strive for.

For more Info on submission rules see the LibreJam series page.



Current best: Flora Search Aurora 9.0/10


Current best: Raiders of the Unix seas 10.0/10


Current best: Flora Search Aurora 8.67/10

In Series: LibreJam
Created by: Elouin



Submitted by: Techpeasant